The Start.

A brand new start. Starting from somewhere. A glass of wine and French music playing in my headphones. Le coeur elephant.

An idea reached my head years ago, but for several reasons everything stopped and paused. Maybe it wasn’t the right time or just because the ideas weren’t quite clear. But now everything starts to puzzle up together, slowly.



Everyone is scared of a new start, a new beginning. Of a white piece of paper, of a white luminous screen. But if you’re afraid of the next step, you won’t go anywhere.

Time will flow, days will pass and your idea will vanish into nowhere. This is the time where I decided that I have to act. I just needed inspiration.

That little push to start working. 



And these quotes, were some of my daily mantras:

“Remember why you started”

“If there is no struggle, there is no progress”

“The fears we don’t face, become our limits”

“If not now… The when?”

“Stop wishing. Start doing”


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