Act without expectations.


People think too much. People tend to think about what other people might think about them. Sometimes it’s better to do and don’t expect other peoples comments. There are so many things that people would do, but just will not. 

In the past I used to not do stuff, because I was afraid of judgement. But I realized that this is not what I wanted. I left part of me aside.


Pimkie dress / Dani coat / Dc. Martens / Forever 21 Black hair bow clip / Pimkie backpack / Stradivarius glasses


So day after day, I let my personality out. I started doing stuff that I like. I put myself first and stopped considering about what other people would think. 

People think I’m weird and crazy. Sometimes they don’t understand and will not approve. I expose my ideas, my feelings and thoughts. I let them know that they are important to me and even thought people don’t agree, it’s important that they just understand my point of view. 


It will always be difficult to deal with other people, since there are lots of personalities, different cultures and every mind thinks on its own. But it would be frustrating not to be ourselves, because of the negative comments. Being who we are without any expectation is a way to feel better with ourselves, to feel free. 



Do things because they are important for you. 

Think differently.

“Do not compare yourself to others”

“I think you should just go for it”

“Don’t wait to realize you shouldn’t have waited”



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