There is beauty in simplicity.

There has always been something special about the simple things. Simple way of thinking, simple way of writing, or even talking. Personally I don’t need a lot to make something. I was always inspired by the black and white, by the colours of nature or the bark of someones dog. 

Simple things contain always a lot of meaning, depending on how you look at them.


I’m not a morning person, but I usually have to wake up early, even with the sunrise, and the smell of a hot cup of coffee just makes everything so much easier. 

I don’t like fancy dinners out in the restaurants, mostly because I avoid crowded places and I hate waiting for my dish to arrive. I love simple dinners with friends in someones house, a glass of red wine and playing cards, whilst talking about the future or summer adventures.


Also my everyday outfit, is not so elaborated, mostly because I love to dress in black or  any other dark colour (all the shades are included), the details are all it matters. The bright ring, the stone neckless, the green bag. 


Red Pinkie trousers / Black Flyfor shoes / Black Pimkie coat / Black Bershka top /  Black Pinkie bag / Tiger Black-Golden ribbon / Accessorize earrings / Stradivarius Glasses


Being simple and looking at things with a uncomplicated way, make your life such a nicer place. The details are important. The surrounding, the atmosphere or the location. The person you are standing with, the book you are reading, or just the thoughts you are expressing. 


“Have less

Do more

Be more”



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