Sometimes we have so many things to do during the day that we forget about ourselves and get lost.

How many times were we in a hurry? Who doesn’t have an agenda with all the pages full of scribbling, phone numbers, appointments, lunch meetings and those yellow post-it?

Nowadays our phones are full of GB. We have thousands of APP’s for literally everything. We are always connected with the outer world, or better with the virtual world. 





“Holding on to anything is like holding on to your breath. You will suffocate.”

This quote made me think a lot. We are so full of stuff to do, that we forget about the most important thing. Ourselves. Sometimes we need little breaks to just listen to ourselves. Sit down, close our eyes and take a deep breath.


“Shut your eyes…
Sit by the shore…
Feel the wind’s pressure, 
Hear the waves roar.

Take a deep breath
For the days of yore,
Reminisce for a second
Then breath some more.

Inhale for the days
You were used to before,
All fun and games
And laughters galore.

Inhume your feet
Deep in the sand,
As it buried your past
By the life’s demand.

Take a deep breath 
For the past has reformed,
Breathe for the gift
That’s in present’s form.

Dig out your feet
And take a stand,
For nothing’s achieved
By just playing pretend.

Take a deep breath
As you greet the sun,
Head clear like heaven,
With the skies you are one.” 


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