Someone once told me that I should write something interesting, something never heard before, something about my life that no one ever heard of.

But I think it’s not about the fact in itself, it’s the way you tell it. A  good writer knows which words to put in the right place. A good painter knows which colours to use to make someone look at their painting. A good talker knows when to pause to catch someone’s attention.



A cup of coffee is drunk and appreciated the most when I know that it has to have two spoons of sugar in it, but it will not have the same effect to those who like it sugar-free. A good night will start when I feel comfortable in my dress and my red lipstick is drawn perfectly on my lips, but not to those who pick the first t-shirt from their closet.

When someone tells you the most recent gossip, about those other guys haven done something out there, it’s not about the news, but the emotion and the effort that they put in to tell you. It’s not about the movie in itself, but that character or that scene. 



So when I write something down, I know that for some people the meaning will be thin, but I put time and effort in everything I do, and double effort especially on the things that I love doing, for instance having this blog.

I calibre and decide what amount of weight to give to the words. I believe that there are people out there having a much more interesting life than me, and to their eyes I may seem outstandingly boring. But I am the one who decides how to describe one fact from the other. How many adjectives to put in one sentence. How much time to send to create and finish one phrase. 




If you are the one who invest time and effort in what you are doing, automatically you are giving meaning and importance to it. It’s better to focus on what you are doing, than to thing about what other people like or dislike about you. 



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