Be you



In this modern society it’s difficult to be someone. But here’s the problem. Everyone is already taken, so the only thing left to do is to be “you”. I know that this phrase may seem very boring and repetitive, since everyone talks about it. But who cares, it’s the truth. I will not stop repeating things just because someone else already told it. I believe in what I say, so repeating it again will not hurt, in fact it strengthens my ideas. 


Zara Floral Dress / H&M shoes / Pimkie Clutch



Anyway, I was talking about being “you”, being unique. Lately I was browsing on the internet and I was updating with the latest articles of the blogs that I follow. They all have different styles, ways to write things down, how to dispose their pictures, font and template. 

But these are the things that make them unique. I get inspired by their blog and in a way or the other they teach me how to make my blog better. 

Sometimes I look back to my older posts and start to see all the defects; the white hair, the regrowth, the style. And I start questioning myself; should I have worn that dress? Maybe I should have used more contrast on that picture, or I should have taken in from a different angle. Is that hair colour ok, or I should be more natural and normal? What if no one is interested in what I’m writing down? What if what I’m doing is not worth it?



Oh boy, that question is very current. Is it worth it? I shall say “YES”. There will be hundreds of people who will dislike my blog, my style and the way I do things, but there will be other hundreds who will be enthusiastic and will encourage me to do more of what I’m doing. 

There will be no success if you don’t work your ass off. I believe in what I do and the rest of it is just a shade. 


My daily mantra:

“And now remember

your hard work 

will soon

pay off”



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