This for me.



Every time is the same old story. I tell myself that a few days later I would publish the next article, but somehow I end up doing it a week later or even more. I intensely think about a good argument, write down new ideas, get inspired from different sources, but somehow I don’t feel it right.

I’m not completely satisfied with this blog, I have to admit. Every time that I look at it, I always find something that I don’t like. In fact I was planning in making some changes. Changes are always good right? (Do you have any recommendations/ideas?). I’m 100% into this blog, I love spending time on it, but everyday duties take away most of my strengths.

For those who don’t know me, I’m at the last year of my University career and studying for the last exams, I have almost a full time job and last, but not least, recently I became a pet-mama of 2, a kitten and a puppy.


Vintage Market Shirt / H&M bra / D&G trousers / Stradivarius shoes


I also live alone, or better with other people, but moved out of my parents house, last September. Living alone is a completely different story. You are responsible for everything. The bills, the rent, maintaining the house clean, taking out the trash, laundry, cooking (I hate cooking and I’m not really able). But it always gives me a great satisfaction, when everything is at the right place, well it feels like home.

“They told me I couldn’t, that’s why I did”

Some people and even friends thought that I could not be able to do certain things in my life. They thought that I wasn’t strong enough. They thought I was too shy and timid to face this world, but it ends up that I can handle things pretty well. They underestimated me, so they made me stronger. I detest when people think that I can’t, cause it always ends up with showing them wrong.

Everything that I do I do it for myself. I’m very stubborn and when I see black, there are no other shades. Anyway I learned to be more flexible and to adapt to any kind of situation, so if It’s black, I may see why other people think it’s white.



Another inspirational quote:




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