Throughout the years I had several difficulties accepting my body image. I was influenced by the media, I still am, but I have reduced a huge amount. I used to spent hours during the night looking at bodies. Their curves, shapes, skinny legs and collar bones. I was getting sick. I was obsessed with food, I started eating less (without saying that I wasn’t eating at all). My body was becoming week, day by day. But I felt powerful, cause I thought I had the total control. No one knew what was going on. I was really good at hiding it, but when I started a relationship, my partner-at-the-time started noticing that something was wrong. It was really hard talking about it. Slowly I started my “successful rise”, meaning that I ate at least 100 calories per dinner (while I was writing this sentence, I laughed, cause it’s crazy, but very sad at the same time).





Nowadays I haven’t gone so far. I still eat little (green salad and mushrooms are fine for dinner), but I’m much more healthier. Whenever I want to eat something I do so, when I don’t, I just eat fruit. Without telling you what my daily food routine is, the point is that I accepted my body for what it is. I still look myself at the mirror and don’t see the “perfect body”. But who does really care? It took me years to realize this, but I’m perfectly fine with who I am (almost). I have friends, I’m surrounded my people who care about me, not because of my body, but for who I am




Accept who you are, cause if you don’t, no one will do it for you. Love your body. Love who you are. Only your judgement is important, everyone else talks because they like to talk, because they have nothing else to do but talk and judge. Don’t let them define you. Don’t let them ruin your life, like they did to me. Cause believe me, it took me year to realize this. And after all those years, I still struggle not only with my body image, but what’s in the inside, and I mean the correct functioning of all the organism.











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