It has been quite a year so far. So much has happened and 2016 is not over yet. I use to write a lot, take a piece of paper and just scribble my thoughts down. Writing makes me realize a lot of things. It clears my mind. When I’m confused, I write, then read what I have written and try to understand the meaning of what’s going on in my head. And it’s hard for me to focus, so anything written down would not have much sense. But all the pieces of the puzzle are there in those words, they are just waiting to be put in a picture and then framed.



Pimkie salopette / Pimkie cardigan / Stradivarius bandana 


Recently I was reorganizing my room and some pictures and pieces of paper popped out. I looked at them and read. I realized that I have been putting myself apart for too long. I put myself of the shelf. I committed far too many mistakes regarding my “love life” (not that I regret what has been done), but foolishly when I care about someone, I start thinking about them and putting myself aside. I was loosing myself and started questioning what was I doing with my life (ok it seems just a little tragic).

Where do I want to go?

Who was I becoming?

What was I doing?



So many questions and too little answers. So I decided to detox. I want to put myself first. I want to be (just the right amount) egoistic for once in my life. Nothing is better than feeling good with who you are. I want to find happiness, not with someone else, but with myself (sorry this word is obsessively present).





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