Summer memories

The last article that I wrote I was hoping Summer would quickly end, so that fall would wash away all the “past” and new beginnings would take over. Lately I was organizing my computer and dealing mainly with pictures. So I started looking to those digital memories and was processing how my summer went.

Having said “I wanted this Summer to end” and looking back at the pictures doesn’t made me regret what I said or wanted to go back, living summer months from the start, fixing things.

I have to admit I haven’t done much during my summer. I worked and most of the time I was on books, tempting to pass my exams. But, as it may seem very boring, I had also lots of fun and many different experience.

From the start of June, I adopted a sweet little puppy, who fills me with joy and which I love unconditionally. At the end of the first summer month I had a 5 day trip with my little sister and went to Budapest (I will share my experience in the next article).


July was a “water month” (as I like to call it), I went a couple of days to the Lake, where I has various baths, enjoyed relaxing on the mini beach and drinking cocktails. I swam in the pool and was lying on the grass with my friends. At the end of the month I went to the sea in 2 different places. I loved the sun, was laying on the beach under the colored umbrella thinking about nothing, having happy hours, partying and laughing with friends, but the best feeling so far was having the sand on my feet. I also dyed my hair blue (which I will talk about in the next coming up article).




August was quite strange, I was always surrounded by many people. I socialized a lot, meet new people, however I started loosing myself a bit. I was so much in the happy hour limbo, in a very negative way. I started to go out just because I didn’t wanted to be home alone and any company was fine with me. I continued this social lie for a few weeks, until I realized that there was something wrong going on and I needed a change.


In fact the end of Summer made me open my eyes, in a sort of dramatic way, since I ended up in a hospital.

I regret nothing I’ve done so far, because it made me realize who I was becoming and who I didn’t wanted to be. I had a chance to improve myself.

What I learned from my Summer:

  • I once again understood the meaning of friendship and let go to the those who just pretended.
  • Alcohol is not the answer for having fun. There is so much more you can focus on when you are sober.
  • Dedicating more time on myself and trying to not waist the time on meaningless things. Time is precious.

I had many ups and downs, highs and lows. And with the end of this Summer 2016, a different season is starting, introducing new beginnings and opportunities.



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