Black & Pink (Blink)

Do with what you have. 



I’m that type of person, when talking about clothes, that always looks out there. Eye shopping. Most of the time I enter in shops, look at the various items, think of what could be similar to what I have already in my closet, combine and then goes out from the shop. Other times I look at the singular item and try to collage them with what I already have at home, and of course buy it.




But what I’m really trying to do in this last period, since trying honestly to save some money, is to window shop, look through the magazines and get most of my inspiration surfing on the internet, creating new styles with what I already have.



Most of the times I use to wear the same things, because in a hurry or just because I’m late. Same jeans, but different striped or plane shirt. Same skirt but different sweaters. Same scarf but different coat. What I was definitely not doing was mixing and playing with the items that I already have. I love trying to combine different clothes and see what comes out of it. I do have to say that the result is extraordinary. And when I look myself in the mirror, maybe I wouldn’t have ever matched those items together. But thankfully I have those light minded and artistic moments, where everything can be possible. And I do feel very inspired knowing that with all the thinks that I have in my closet, I don’t have to shop that often to get something new, but just have those 5 min of creativity.




Bershka salopette / Pimkie wool cardigan / Black tights / Zara scarf






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