And the pursuit of Happiness

Lately I have been adventuring in my room. Searching for earrings and rings. Moving blocks of clothes from one place to the other. Trying to not let my cactuses die. Reading, randomly, titles of books from my library. And there again, that white book with black drawings/writings on top of it, staring at me.

Once again I was holding Maira Kalman’s book. I sat on the floor and started browsing.





Artist and writer, she sees the world visually and with narrative. Loves to paint and writes wherever she’s going. She decided to do something she knew nothing about, which was American politics and history.

“You can spent your whole life searching for happiness”

Each month was something new, written and drawn in her sketchbook.

Starting with an Inauguration of Obama, being a hopeful time for American History, with people being more optimistic.


What’s mentioned in the book:

– Opportunity to hold the Bible, held by Obama and by Lincoln in the past.

– Felt in love with Lincoln, looking at his objects: hat, gun, coat.

– Went to the Supreme Court.

– Piece of art Feminism, with Eleanor Rooselvet in it.

– Went in an army base.

“Where does courage come from?”

scansione scansione-5

scansione-4 scansione-3


“A lot of the time when I’m traveling and when I’m working on a piece, the things that happen along the way are just as enchanting, often more enchanting, than the actual thing that you are talking about.”

This made me think a lot, about how we often concentrate on something, something we are working on, considering that only thing interesting and important, forgetting about what is happening on the background, deleting the details.





Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin two great geniuses for Maira Kalman.

She talks about Franklin and how he used to follow a daily time table, inserting 2 questions.

The morning question: What good shall I do this day?

The evening question: What good have I’ve done today?


Fascinating chart to look at and to see, how a person cuts out the day in a simple way and then achieve extraordinary things.

Lincoln Song – Take your time

What is the most precious thing?


And the time is too little.

Take your time



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