Coffee + Uni

It does really seem a log time ago since I posted something on my blog, even though it’s been only over two weeks. As usual I had a lot going on with my University life. I had exams and I was pretty much focused on books.

As a student (actually most of the time) I use to loose concentration and get distracted very often. This is why during my study session I make lots of breaks, just to refresh my brain.



Usually I would check out my Socials, walk randomly around the house or have a cigarette. Since these breaks last about 10 to 15 min, I feel like I’m loosing lots of time. This is why I prefer just put my books/notes aside and make some random videos.

It works out perfectly, since I’m temporarily freezing my brain from the important stuff and at the same time I’m collecting/developing my artistic side.

I hope you will enjoy the watching!

Here is the link to my Youtube Channel

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