35° & flip up glasses


These last couple weeks has been super hot. I like to live in a city were the temperature is hot in the summer, but when the thermometer marks more than 30° degrees I start to suffer from it. Is it the same for you?

I literally want to stay locked home, under the fan and do nothing all day. Most of the summer nights I meet up with friends and we go to drink something at the bar. A cold beer is the best solution (other than a fresh lemonade), but when you start a conversation with your friends, my minds starts to melt.

What are the best things to do when the weather is so hot? My answer to this would be (a part from staying in a cool house) going to the pool, but most of the times it’s overcrowded and you can’t find a piece of shadow.



When it’s comes to fashion and clothing, I firmly believe that nothing of what I have in my closet can fit for this dangerously hot weather. This is why shorts are a must and I wear them all the time, while for the shirts, I usually wear crop tops or very light tops. I also wear dresses, but I’m not very girly and I’m not a fan lol.

Lets talk about my little obsession → sun glasses ♥ Right now I own 7 different sun glasses, but I used to have much more, because some of them are at my mother’s house. I recently fell in love with flip up glasses. I think they are really fun and they remind me of my childhood & Mickey Mouse.



Tezenis dress (similar here) / Bershka shoes (similar here or here) / Tiger flip up sunglasses (similar here)


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