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Moscow was one of the best experience that I had in this last period. I was born there and lived there so little time that my child memory doesn’t even remember. I went back there almost 10 years ago, if I remember well, and I have to say that nothing of what I remembered was still there.

Mosca è stata una belle esperienze più belle che ho fatto in questo ultimo periodo. Sono nata li ed ho vissuto cosi poco tempo che la mia memoria d’infanzia non se lo ricorda nemmeno. Sono poi ritornata li quasi 10 anni fa, se ricordo bene, e devo dire che da allora tutto è cambiato. 




The memories that I made are still alive, but the streets and the monuments are all different now. I have to admit that all the changes that were made in that city are all for the best. The streets are all clean now, with no rubbish. The buildings are all new and modern. People work day and night. Supermarkets are open 24/7. The metro takes you anywhere and it passes every minute. There are lots of big green areas, were people can relax and chill. You can find a huge amount of restaurants and bar on every street. The best part is that there is an enormous amount of food choice; russian, oriental, indian, fast food, italian, irish, mexican, french and many more.

Tutte i ricordi sono ancora vivi nella mia testa, ma le strade ed i monumenti sono tutti cambiati adesso. Devo ammettere che tutti i cambiamenti che sono stati fatti in quella città sono tutti per il meglio. Le strade sono tutte pulite e non c’è immondizia in giro. Gli edifici sono tutti nuovi e moderni. Le persone lavorano giorno e notte. I supermercati sono aperti tutti i giorni. La metro ti porta ovunque e passa ogni minuto. Ci sono tantissimi spazi verdi, dove le persone possono rilassarsi e passare in tranquillità le giornata. Per ogni via si trovano un’enorme quantità di ristoranti e bar. E la cosa più bella è che c’è una vasta scelta di cucine diverse; russa, orientale, indiana, fast food, italiana, irlandese, messicana, francese e molto altro ancora.

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I stayed there for 5 whole days and I enjoyed every second of it. I flew and travelled from the airport to the center of Moscow alone, were my father awaited for me. We tried to take the metro as less as possible, cause he wanted to show me every corner and every little abandoned street. He told me stories, anecdotes, history of Moscow and jokes. We were always outdoors and ate at very different hours, but none the less I tried lots of different food. And yes, I am still in love with the traditional Russian food (even though I don’t eat meat, I still had lots of delicious choices).

Sono stata li per 5 giorni ed ho assaporato ogni secondo. Ho volato e viaggiato dall’aereoporto fino al centro di Mosca da sola, dove mi attendeva mio padre. Abbiamo cercato di prendere la metro il meno possibile, perché mi voleva far vedere ogni angolo e ogni piccola stradina abbandonata. Mi ha raccontato storie, aneddoti, la storia di Mosca e scherzi. Eravamo sempre fuori casa e mangiavamo in ore molto differenti, ma nonostante questo ho provato tantissimi cibi diversi. Ah si, sono ancora innamorata della cucina tradizionale Russa (ed anche se non mangio carne, ho comunque potuto assaggiare tantissime ricette diverse).





I am very thankful that I’m very organized and always have something to write down, cause my memory is kind of shitty, and looking back at the notes that I took, I can easily remember what I did.

Sono molto grata di essere una persona organizzata ed avere con me un pezzo di carta sul quale annotare e scrivere, perché la mia memoria lascia molto desiderare, e riguardando quello che scrivevo, potevo facilmente ricordarmi quello che ho fatto.



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I also created lots (and by saying lots I really mean it) of visual memories. I always carried 3 cameras with me and I used my bag only for them (and of course for some water, cause hydration is important). I used my iPhone, my Nikon D3100 and my Kodak with film. I made huge amount of photos and videos (with I’m so excited to edit soon).

Ho anche creato un sacco di memoria visiva (non sono sicura che in italiano si possa dire cosi). Mi sono sempre portata via le mie macchine fotografiche ed usavo la borsa solo per metterle dentro (ovviamente portando anche una bottiglia d’acqua, perché è molto importante essere idtatati). Ho usato il mio iPhone, la mia Nikon D3100 e la Kodak a rullino. Ho fatto una quantità assurda di foto e video (dei quali sono super emozionata di montare).



I really had a wonderful time and I was super happy to see my father, because the last time that I saw him was 4 years ago 😦

Ho passato veramente un periodo bellissimo ed ero super felice di vedere di nuovo mio padre, perché l’ultima volta che l’avevo visto era 4 anni fa 😦





Time unfortunately flies away way too fast and next I know is that I’m walking in the plane searching for my seat. 3 hours, a quick vegetarian lunch, coffee and 4 chapters later I’m in the hot 37 degrees Verona. I’m so grateful to be lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel. Can’t wait to pack again my luggage and take off to another adventure.

Sfortunatamente il tempo vola troppo velocemente e da quel che ne so mi sono ritrovata sull’aereo a trovare il mio porto. 3 ore, un pasto vegetariano, caffe e 4 capitoli dopo ero nel caldo clima di Verona, dove ovviamente la temperatura minima erano 37 gradi. Sono cosi grata di essere cosi fortunata ad avere l’opportunità di viaggiare. Non vedo l’ora di fare di nuovo le valigie e spiccare il volo verso la mia prossima meta.



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About week #24

Little preview:

I was thinking about constancy and regularity. I ended up convincing myself that it would be nice to have something consistent in the blog, this is why I decided to write about my past weeks by #hashtaging them! I should have done it from the first week of January, but unfortunately only now this idea popped up in my head. Well, as they say, better later than never, right?

Also I decided to be consistent with this types of blogpost also for myself, since I don’t have a very strong memory and I need to write everything down.

About last week 

Nothing particular happened. I had two exams to prepare to, so my days were full of books, notes and large cups of coffee. I was lucky enough to go out at nights and spent some time with friends. I treated myself with some sushi and shopping. In the weekend (since I finished my exams) I went to the pool with friends and ended up the day eating pizza all together.



↑ 12.06 // pizza date with my man

↑ 13.06 // leftovers, books, coffee & Dea

↑ 14.06 // Found the prefect spot to take pictures. I always wanted to have a white wall to take pretty fashion outfit pictures, but never had one. I think that the stairs make the picture more interesting!

Pimkie shirt // Bershka trousers 

↑ 15.06 // After a morning of Exams I went on a date with my friend. We drunk an Aperitif (Spritz Aperol & Hugo). For lunch we went to eat sushi and it was delicious!!!

↑ 16.06 // Today I had another exam, but I din’t attend it, because the professor was missing and at the last minute they decided to change classroom without telling all the students (me included). After I texted a few students, I was over an hour late and din’t know were to go to, so I panicked and decided not to go. Later that day I drunk coffee with my mother and went window shopping.

↑ 17.06 // In the morning I went out with my little sis & talked a little. She is going to Russia for the next two weeks, how lucky is she?


↑ 18.06 // Sunday I went with my friends to the pool and had an amazing day. Beer, sun and lots of laughs. We ended this day by eating pizza all together. My boyfriend and I were already in bed ready to sleep at 23.30. We took much sun and were exhausted.

What about next week?

I have some ideas in mind. Have to work on my next video, make some shootings and of course study. I hope to go to the pool again and hag out with my friends again. What are your plans for the week?

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